Are cleaning products safe for pregnancy?

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I’m 16 weeks pregnant, is it safe to scrub my shower with a cleanser containing bleach, or with bleach spray?”

Cleanser: safe when used as directed during pregnancy.

You don’t want to get cleanser on your skin, or, of course in your eyes, nose or mouth (or on your clothes) but scrubbing a grimy shower or sink with some cleanser on a sponge while wearing gloves is not going to do you or your fetus any harm. If cleanser does get on your skin, just wash it off quickly with water. And make sure the room is well-ventilated before you start scrubbing- the fumes from the cleanser may make you feel dizzy or queasy.

What you don’t want to do: mix a cleaner containing bleach with vinegar, or with ammonia. Combing these ingredients can release a gas that’s toxic to breathe. Check the labels on cleaners labeled as “multi-purpose” before you let them mix with anything else.

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